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This is a complete Pay Per Click management offered by SeoGuruJi, where we take care of your entire AdWords campaigns. At SeoGuruJi, we begin with doing an in-depth analysis of your services and products, and then we move on to keyword research. In this phase, we identify primary and secondary keywords unique to your business. We use 100s of keywords for each of our clients and create separate advertisement copy for each keyword group. This helps to make our ads more targeted and makes it possible to receive more clicks from the advertisements we post.

Advantage of this package

Save 15- 50% on Your Current Sponsored Advertisement Costs
Yes, our Ad4adword package helps to reduce your advertisement expenses. In PPC management, people often end up spending more money than what is required, just because they are unaware about the nuances involved in it. At SeoGuruJi, we manage your PPC in such a way that it shows a visible improvement in the cost-result ratio. Our systematic approach and dedicated involvement in your advertisement campaign can help you keep away from the unwanted expenses.
More Results by Using Targeted Audience Based PPC Campaigning
There is no denying the fact that targeted audience based PPC campaigns play a role in increasing business conversions. If your ads talk about what your customers are looking for, you have a better chance of getting increased potential web traffic.
Find New Ways to Reach Your Customers
We don’t limit the campaign with the main category of products/services; we give emphasis on promoting the related categories as well. This ensures a wider reach for your products and services.
Develop Business Intelligence For Your PPC Campaigning
We don’t stop with just giving the advertisement. We take the PPC campaigning to the next level by analyzing the output generated by each advertisement and we understand the mood of the customers based on the evaluations. We arrive at business conclusions based on these evaluations and make modifications in the marketing plans/strategies accordingly.
How it works?

Step 1: Finding the Potential Customers

In this phase, we understand your business, products and services and identify your targeted customer classes. Once the targeted customers are identified, we move on to the next phase.

Step 2: Finding the GeoKeyword

Finding GeoKeywords is the key to target your traffic by city, state and country. Campaigning with the power of GeoKeywords allows you to limit your advertisement to a specific area. This way, you can avoid unwanted visits from non-potential visitors. Our experts in AdWords campaign can locate the apt GeoKeywords for your business.

Step 3: Creating Advertisements

We create quality advertisements for your PPC campaign. Creating a powerful ad-copy is a must in attracting the attention of visitors. Our exclusive advertisement campaigns guarantee the best results and more web traffic.
Using keyword based advertisement can increase the number of potential visitors, irrespective of your position in the ad placement. As in the above example, even if your ad is in the 5th place, you can get the same amount of clicks as that of the top listed ads with a powerful and targeted advertisement. You are getting these results by spending 30 - 50% less than the top listed ads! Also we create ads that convey the message in a short and simple way! At SeoGuruJi, we create more than hundred ads for a single campaign to increase the website traffic while keeping the cost-factor to the minimum.

Image advertisement
This involves creating image and video ads for search engine sponsored advertisement. These advertisements will be displayed on search engine network websites and are very effective to most of the business types. At SeoGuruJi, we focus on image advertisements by creating banners with appropriate images and targeted contents. Most of these advertisements are placed on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis, promising an increased number of visits. This phase is followed by the most challenging and interesting task – scheduling.

Step 4: Scheduling the advertisements

We schedule advertisements in different geographical locations, at different time intervals. These time intervals are determined based on the user nature in that particular geographical area. In this step, we ensure that only your advertisement is displayed, at a specific time, at a specific geographical area. This ensures more result and considerable reduction in cost factors.

Step 5: Analysis to Improve Ad Performance

We make it a point to analyze the performance of the advertisement using various reports and analytical strategies. Also, we make use of Google analytics to learn the visitor behavior on your website.

Step 6: Reporting

We provide monthly reports about the performance of the PPC campaign. These reports will be comprehensive with site analysis, user behavior and suggestions for improvement.

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