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This is a guaranteed search engine positioning offered by SeoGuruJi. If you have a product or service to be promoted online, our Position It SEO package shows the way to eSuccess. Our portfolio and customer testimonials reflect the efficiency of the search engine positioning strategy adopted for the Position It package.

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The process involved in Position It ( How it Works)

Position It chiefly involves two processes – Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO
Onsite SEO

You cannot do without Onsite SEO, if you want to fetch better search engine positioning for your website. This process involves customization of your website to make it search engine friendly.

Our Onsite SEO is based on the following processes:

1. Link Restructuring:

Bad link restructuring could kill the visibility of the website in the search engines. Our link restructuring step involves naming the links, organizing the hierarchy of links, adding alternate text to image links and removing image and other non text links.

2. Page Content Management:

Page content is the major contributing factor to search engine positioning. Copied and unorganized content could make your website less competent in getting better search engine positioning. We involve the following steps in page content management:

  • Page titling
  • We analyze the title tags of your existing website and rephrase it based on the search engine positioning criteria. We make it a point to identify keywords unique to your service. Based on these selected keywords we create unique page titling for every page in your site.

  • Meta tag
  • Search engines love Meta tags and we know how to create Meta tags that could make search engines fall for your site! Here again we focus on product/service identification and keyword research. The meta tags and descriptions will be phrased based on these targeted keywords.

  • Page content structuring
  • Page Content Structuring is very important in SEO process. A scattered presentation of the contents cannot fetch you the results, but an organized and unique content can! We help organize the page content with appropriate headings (H1 to H6) and proper formatting. Also, we make it a point to give more importance to the usage of targeted keywords in the content.

  • HTML formatting
  • HTML Formatting involves making the HTML coding to w3c standards. Search engine crawler/algorithm can read and index your page, more effectively, only if your page is 100% up to the HTML standards. Also, usage of standard HTML increases the visibility of your site.

  • Keyword density management
  • Search Engine Optimization and keyword density go hand in hand! Unique keyword density is a must in page ranking and we manage the same by analyzing your goals and identifying keywords unique to your requirements. These identified keywords will be uniquely sprinkled in the on-page content.

3. Sitemap integration:

We integrate Google sitemap to your website. This will help better crawling of Google spider in your website, resulting in better indexing.

4. Adding new content rich pages

Search engine friendly content is a must to earn superior page ranking. At SeoGuruJi, we provide quality, keyword rich content that will take your content to the top of the search listings.

Offsite SEO

If onsite SEO can increase the page ranking of your site, offsite SEO speeds up this process! Our Offsite SEO process involves:

1. Link Building
2. Directory Listings
3. Reciprocal Link Management
4. ISPG Offsite Pro

1. Link Building :

This is to create quality incoming (inbound) links to your website from other websites. This is called one way Link Building. We create linking based on various parameters. Also, we identify your business before creating the links for your site. At SeoGuruJi, we give emphasize on creating 100% handmade links and we never use link farm or other spamming techniques to create links.

2. Directory Listings:

With directory listing, you can get your website listed in different directories, paid or unpaid, related to your industry. We know that only quality directory listing could increase the authenticity of a website, which is why we have introduced a Directory Rating Algorithm. This algorithm allows us to analyze the directory’s authenticity, before adding the website to it.

3. Three way Link Management :

Gone are the days of Two Way Linking or reciprocal linking, today Three Way Link Management is a must in search engine optimization. With the rejection of reciprocal linking by search engines, Three Way Link Management is gaining fast popularity.

In Three Way Linking we are dealing with three websites, say A, B and C, where A is your main website and B and C are the sites related to your category. In Three Way linking, ‘A’ will give link to ‘B’ and ‘B’ will give link to ‘C’ and ‘C’ will give link to ‘A’. So there will not be any direct reciprocal linking.

4. ISPG Offsite Pro:

Offsite pro comprises the specialized offsite processes carried out by ISPG, to increase its client’s listing in the search engines. All these specialized offsite processes are 100% organic and add value to your website listing.

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